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  • address:Adedokun Plaza, Idi-Ogun, Olofa Way, Offa, Kwara State.
  • phone:+2349071619638, +2347036354836
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Who we are !

Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF) is a Non Governmental Organization that have seen how much the people living below average in the country (Nigeria) are suffering, diagnosed with sicknesses and diseases that they can’t afford to take care of by themselves, which often lead to their death, both male and female, young and old, (How do you tell a person that can’t afford a three-square-meal for his family to afford a huge amount of money to take care of an eye problem affecting or disturbing his child?). We see these people every day, either in a family very close to us, a friend to a friend of us, or by the road side, in pain and in agony, seeking and begging for help, whereby we just ignore or walk past, leaving them to suffer in pain and agony till death claims their souls. Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF) has seen a need to arise and call the attention of the entire nation to order, so as to help these set of people, even if no one is doing anything about it. Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF) is laid down to support the masses and every individual, most especially the sick people, but focuses on young children and average adult with congenital problems. Givers supportive foundation (GSF) is opening a wider scope and features to support and help the general well being of the masses. The foundation is fully registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), approved and endorsed by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF) accepts donations from private companies or self own companies, corporate bodies, government agencies, parastatals and individuals. Donation can be made by clicking on the DONATE button on our “Home Page”. We operate both inside and outside the country (Nigeria) but mainly within the country for now. You want to know more About Us? You can talk to us directly on (+2349071619638 and +2347036354836) Or you message us directly via this link Click Here Helping these people is just a click away, as we all know that “…It is more blessed to give than to receive…” and “…Givers Never Lack…

Amb. Ologbenla B. S. (Founder)

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