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There Are Millions Of Sick People Who Don't Have The Fund To Care For Their Health Challenges. Help them get thier Health Back. DONATE NOW Become Sponsor
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Make Donation And Save The Sick.
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N1.6 Million Target Donation

Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida, Tuberculosis and Malnutrition

This child is 2 year old suffering from 4 different issues and cases: Hydrocephalus ( water in the Brain) Spina Bifida,Tuberculosis, and Malnutrition. The total amount needed for the treatment is estimated at 1.6 Million Naira. This little child needs help and support to ba alive again.

Lets stop this hunger, help the sick and fullfill their happiness

We Need Your Help. Please

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. When we give cheerfully and acccept gracefully, everyone is blessed. Help us feed the hungry and the less fortunate among us.

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Completed Cases

Liver and kidney related issue

Amoint Raised N#1.8 million

we appreciate God for a successful surgery on Zainab, the young lady suffering from Liver And Kidney Related Issues and also we give thanks to all our sponsors who has always been supportive. we are glad to say that Zainab is heal and healthy now... Thanks to everyone for yours prayers and donation....



Amoint Raised N#445,000

Here is a seven months old baby suffering from Hydrocephalus (Water in the brain). A total amount of four hundreds and forty-five thousand naira is needed to carry out the surgery before it affects the brain. Givers Supportive Foundation is seeking for your help and support 🙏🙏 on th....


Cancer of the artery and blood vessels

Amoint Raised N600,000

Here is a seven year old kid battling with severe cancer, after 9 weeks in the hospital. Surgery is needed to be carried on the little kid and the total estimated amount for the surgery is #600,000.00 (600k).

We are pleading for your support and help on the little kid to get back to his....


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